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1. Terms and Explanation
1.1. Company - LTD “WESTBUILD” registered on 30.03.2011, Identification code 404893004, represented by its director, which offer service to consumers by providing the Real Estate Internet Portal.
1.2. Website - internet page, with Internet address www.place.ge.
1.3. Ad - information published on the website about selling-buying-renting the real estate, also, information on the products and services delivery by the firms.
1.4. Cost of services - the service may be paid or free, can be differentiated by the user type, ad placement duration and status. Information about service fee is provided to the user during the ad placement and during certain action.
1.5. User - individual and legal entities, owners of the real estate, agency, agent, firm who (which provides products and services to consumer) registers on the website and places the ads about the real estate, products and services and the advertisement about its activity.
1.6. Agency - real estate agency, which registers on the website and places ads, who’s activities include selling-buying-renting, registration, re- registration, appraisal of real estate, public register and notary services.
1.7. Agent - real estate agent, who registers on the website and places ads. The agent can be allocated to agency or be independent.
1.8. Firm - enterprise, sole proprietor or tax payer individual entity, who offers product or services to the costumers, which registers on the website, places ads and the advertisement about its activity.
1.9. Consumer - person who takes information from the website about placed real estate ads, agencies, agents and firms, also any type of advertisement.
2. Service providing rules and conditions

2.1. Registration
2.1.1. In order to place ads, products or services on the website, user should pass the registration.
2.1.2. For registration on the website user uses his own email address and mobile phone number, which he/she confirms. In case of changing the email or phone number user makes necessary correction and confirmation procedures.
2.1.3. Competing the registration on the website includes electronic confirmation of the email and mobile phone number and agreement on “terms of use” provided in the registration form. By completing the confirmation procedure, user agrees that the provided information is trustworthy and correct.
2.1.4. It is possible that the company communicates unregistered/potential users coordinates distance registration and placement of the ads on the website and register user and place the ads also coordinated by the phone or any other communication methods.
2.2. Placement of the ads
2.2.1. Placement of the ads is possible only for registered users for free if the service is free and after the fee payment if the service is paid.
2.2.2. Number of the published ads is not limited.
2.3. Ad publishing period
2.3.1. Publishing of the ad placement is standard and is defined by the company.
2.3.2. Publishing period of the ad can be extended by the user or under circumstances according to the 2.3.3. point.
2.3.3. Ad publishing period can be extended by the website administration, according to changing the standard publishing period.
2.4. Cost of the services, change of the cost and payment
2.4.1. The company opens personal account for the user on the website, which at the same time is his/her mobile phone number.
2.4.2. For payment of any type of services, user first fills his/her account on the website and after makes payment.
2.4.3. Ad can be placed by the user in “credit” for the period determined by the administration, which in case of absence of fund and impossibility to fill the account allows him/her to publish the ad and later pay for the service. In this case, price of service can be different.
2.4.4. Cost of the services is coordinated to the user before using the certain service. If he/she disagrees to the service fee, he/she has the right not to use the service and accordingly will not be charged.
2.4.5. Cost of the website certain services may be changed by the company. Changing of the service fee will concern only to newly published or updated ads.
2.4.6. The company uses several electronic or physical account filling channels and makes possible the users to choose the appropriate one.
2.5. Refunding
2.5.1. Filling of the personal account and later spending is performed by the applicant’s desire. User can spend the funds only on website services.
2.5.2. Money can be refunded to the customers only if the website stops functioning and during the last two months before this circumstance at least one transaction was done on the user’s account.
2.5.3. Money will not be refunded to the user except the circumstance explained in the point 2.5.2.
2.5.4. In case of mistake of user, company will not refund the amount and the whole responsibility is assumed to applicant.
2.5.5. If the service is not free and the user removes the ad, money will not be refunded.
2.6. Transaction control and notice
2.6.1. During the registration on the website, user chooses the information delivery method and agrees to receive information about his/her transactions on the registered email and mobile phone number. User agrees to receive messages from the website consumers interested in the user’s ads.
2.6.2. In case described in the point 2.1.4. SMS containing the username and password will be sent to the user on his/her phone number registered on the website. For any further actions user must change the password.
2.6.3. On the website user can control all his/her transactions.
2.6.4. The sides agree that invoice sent by electronic channel is the document, which confirms payment for the services and the company do not provide any additional form of document.
2.6.5. User agrees to receive advertisement and other type of information on his/her email and mobile phone number sent by the company.
3. Rights, obligations and responsibilities of the sides

3.1. Obligations of the company
3.1.1. According to the “terms of use” provide good quality service to the users. Provide the information to the customers in the volume and timeframe, which the user creates in the ads.
3.1.2. Keep in confidential user’s personal and transactions information.
3.1.3. Send email and/or SMS messages, which is indicated in the registration form and confirmed by the corresponding rule.
3.2. Obligations of the user
3.2.1. Register email and mobile phone number used or owned by him/her.
3.2.2. Place only correct information, which do not abolish norms of the moral and ethics.
3.2.3. In the real estate ads do not indicate links, attach company logos or brand sign.
3.3. Rights of the company
3.3.1. Communicate to the unregistered/potential user, coordinate distance registration, ads placement and place the ad information also coordinated by the phone or other communication channels.
3.3.2. The company is authorized to unilaterally, without notification change the ads publishing period on the website.
3.3.3. Without initial coordination and warning make necessary corrections or fully remove an ad from the website in the following cases and the amount paid for the ad will not be refunded to the user:
- User already has places the same ad;
- Published information contradicts the “terms of use”;
- Text of the ad contains many orthographical and punctual mistakes;
- Pictures of the statements are bad quality or do not correspond ad content;
- The ad is published in other rubric.
3.4. Rights of the user
3.4.1. Remove the published ads early, edit and publish again.
3.4.2. Use any kind of functions of the website, determined for the certain type of users.
3.5. Responsibility of the sides
3.5.1. The company is not responsible for the information or content published on the website and any kind of damage inflicted in this regard and whole responsibility is assumed to the user.
3.5.2. Registered user on the website agrees to the principles, rights and obligations of using the website.
3.5.3. The sides are responsible according to of the current Georgian legislation.
4. Other condition
4.1. Any dispute will be solved by the agreement between the sides. In case of disagreement, dispute will be solved according to the Georgian legislation.

Registered on: 30.03.2011
Identification code: 404893004
Bank: PrivatBank
Bank Code: CAVOGE22
Account: GE24TP0036080080000753 GEL